Babawatoto Centre is a national organization frontier in emergency response on child protection and education by building hope and resilience to victims and devastated children, families and communities. As Babawatoto, we have experiences on different types of emergency such as in floods disaster and political conflicts on supporting devastated children by protecting them from the foreseeable violence within the displacements camps.  Priority objectives in emergency is to ensure that girls and boys are safe where they live, learn and play, to strengthen the capacity of children to participate in their own protection. Also to ensure that girls and boys with specific needs receive appropriate support.

Intervention areas:

  • Child Protection in emergency (CPiE); we provide Psychosocial Support (PSS) and counseling to traumatized children at the camps and also hygiene promotion demonstration training to improve hygiene behaviors among children and their families.  In psychosocial support, we establish child friendly spaces (CFSs) for children and youth to play, learn, socialize and express themselves. Moreover we provide PSS mobile activities to reach many children and youth in the camp.
  • Education in emergency; Babawatoto  Centre provides Accelerating Learning Program (ALP) and informal education as well as Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) to out of school children in the camps. We enhance our education activities in emergency through mobile life skills session in the camps. 


Emergency response background:

Burundian emergency response;

  • From July 2015 to present we are working on Burundian response at Nyarugusu camp in Kigoma region. The response is being supported by save the children.  On   Nyarugusu emergency response, we work in education and child protection areas.  To scale up on PSS we use theatre activities as methodology which strongly build resilience of the children and youth
  • Through our programs in emergency we have reached 6035 children (3120 girls and 2915 boys) in child protection with stationary activities(CFSs), and 9507 (4458 girls and 5049 boys) with CP mobile activities. Child protection activities include PSS, ECCD, hygiene sessions, and Theatre to children from 3-17 years old. 1732 children (865 girls and 867 boys) were reached through education activities which are ALP and life skills.  14 number of child protection community based structures has been formed this includes children clubs, children committees, parent groups and child protection committees.

Morogoro flood response (2014);

  • In the year 2014 Heavy rainfall attributed to the El Nino which caused some parts of Tanzania to have experienced severe floods that have resulted in up to 28,000 persons affected, over 10,000 were homeless. The most affected regions were Morogoro and Dodoma. In Kilosa district Morogoro, more than 900 families affected were moved at Magole and Mateteni camps.  Babawatoto responded by providing psychosocial support, hygiene promotion and child protection awareness to prevent child abuse at the camps.  385 children (187 girls and 198 boys) were supported on child protection to build up their resilience.

Mabwepande flood response (2011);

  • On 20 December 2011 flooded Dar es Salaam City, causing 40 deaths. Over 200 people were injured and approximately 10,000 people (2,000 families) were displaced and some of them moved to Mabwepande camp in Dar es Salaam. On response to flood save the children through Babawatoto centre provided psychosocial support, hygiene promotion and child protection awareness activities, more than 500 children and youth were reached with the program. 

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