We provide chance to children, youth and adult who either never had chance to join formal school system or dropped out of school to pursue literacy classes  focusing on reading,writing and counting. The program also provides other skills such as languages and entrepreneurship.

Because every girl has the potential to change her world, we help girls go to school, cultivate their leadership skills and promote societal changes so they can flourish. Women are powerful – for what they contribute as individuals, as mothers, as family members, as community members, as citizens.

Key results on continuing education activities ;

  • 60 drop out children (41 boys and 19 girls) received English language trainings on writing and reading.
  • 380 children (207 boys and 172 girls) attended reading/library sessions conducted at the community Centre. 
  • 27 children (19 boys and 8girls) encouraged and motivated to return to school after being dropped out for some months or years.

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