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Mgunga Mwamnyenyelwa Director of Babawatoto Centre facilitating safety workshop with Geita Gold Mining Company workers 2015

Breast feeding campaign 10th 11 2015 – 9th Dec 2015
Babawatoto Centre conducted a Social behavior change campaign to promote mother to feed on exclusive breast feed to their children for six months. The campaign promote up take of iron folic acid for pregnant woman in Shinyanga and Lindi Tanzania. The campaign funded by Save the Children

The goal of workshop is to increase knowledge of financial management matters among Babawatoto staffs working in humanitarian response. The workshop covers areas of financial monitoring, fraud, bribery and corruption.

Babawatoto youth acrobatic group performing on The United Nations' (UN) World Refugee Day on June 20th 2016. The show focus on strengthening psychosocial well-being of women, men and children in the camp.

Babawatoto youth group performing on Day of African child June 16th 2016 at Nyarugusu refugees Camp Kigoma. The performance went down as acrobatic show with gymnast, juggling, and trapeze) and samba rage music.

Babawatoto Notice board


Babawatoto centre have given me an opportunity to realize my talent through art. My life now depends on this talent. Thanks to Babawatoto for helping me stay away from bad behaviors.    

Said Charles
20 years old

Babawatoto teaches me to be a good girl with self respect and respect to adult, to have confidence, to manage my time between school, centre and home, be aware of risk and dangers surrounded me as a girl child. My dream is to become the best female acrobatic.

Swaumu Ridhiwani
15 years old

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Babawatoto Organization

P.O Box 8293, Manzese Darajani,
Wanama Saccos Building,
Plot 628/1 Block C
Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania.

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Iringa Office

P.O BOX 728, Haiile Selassie Road
Plot No 62 & 63
Iringa, Tanzania.

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Sub Office in Kibondo

P. O BOX 83, Kanyamahela Street, 
100m from Cheyo Hotel, Kibondo,
Kigoma, Tanzania.

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