Babawatoto Centre is delighted to announce the flying circus academy workshop in Tanzania has ended well. The team of 18 participants spent 10 days on technical trainings in collaboration with other participants from Tanzania. All participants were so excited and impressed with the workshop and shared professional experiences.

 Babawatoto is excited to announce Flying Circus Academy Program in Tanzania which will start with 10days intensive workshop on juggling, trapeze, Samba reggae and acrobatic. The program purpose is to create and develop professionalism in acrobatic and music among youth of Tanzania, Germany and Cambodia.

The trainers of the workshop will come from Germany, French, Cambodia and Italy. The participants will be youth from Babawatoto Centre. The workshop will start from 24th to 2nd of October 2016 and the venue will be at Babawatoto Centre Mburahati and Goethe-Institut Tanzania.    

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Babawatoto centre have given me an opportunity to realize my talent through art. My life now depends on this talent. Thanks to Babawatoto for helping me stay away from bad behaviors.    

Said Charles
20 years old

Babawatoto teaches me to be a good girl with self respect and respect to adult, to have confidence, to manage my time between school, centre and home, be aware of risk and dangers surrounded me as a girl child. My dream is to become the best female acrobatic.

Swaumu Ridhiwani
15 years old

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